Haiku Tech: Your Global Partner

Led by a team of seasoned professionals, Haiku Tech is helping manufacturers around the world capitalize on the dynamic market opportunity of printed electronics. Known for providing efficient and effective products, Haiku Tech provides the proven technology choice for highly accurate and low cost patterning and deposition by screen printing and coating. From initial design to prototyping, Haiku Tech has the ability to adapt to their customers’ needs using just small amounts of costly materials. Our company’s full-service approach includes:

Screen printing technology

Our advanced high-accuracy screen printing technology is now available for laboratory-scale development and industrial-scale mass production. For example, our photovoltaics equipment allows manufacturers to print finer lines with a high aspect ratio by double printing on substrates or roll to roll. We firmly believe that screen printing will be a top-candidate technology choice.

Coating technology

Our coating technology uses slotted die and doctor blade technology. Extreme care is taken to control and reach the highest accuracies in coating weight by using a stable equipment platform with innovative features. Support by experienced polymer scientists is available to tune your materials’ processability.

Custom Equipment

Haiku Tech has the ability to customize manufacturing equipment to meet our customers’ stringent requirements, helping them achieve high yields in production. For example, our customized metallization equipment allows to print and cure accurately positioned end contacts onto a custom substrate, and provide in-line quality control visually and by electrical test.

Additional Services

  • Laboratory and Prototype Testing
  • Multi-layering and Lamination Technology
  • Consulting
  • Supply, Commissioning and After Sales Service